Louisville Assistant Coach Goes Ballistic During Game [VIDEO]
In the midst of a major comeback against the North Carolina Tar Heels, one of the Louisville Cardinals coaches(I believe it is the Strength and Conditioning coach) BUGS OUT! It's awesome because I think he is actually burning more calories than the players...
Red Sox Meltdown While Yankees Rally, Win 15-9
It looked like the Red Sox (4-10) had the Yankees (9-6) number Saturday afternoon, but the game ended in what was one of the best comebacks you’ll ever see in a baseball game. Boston was cruising and held a comfortable 9-0 lead in the sixth inning...
I’ll Take Ben Roethlisburger In The 4th
So which NFL quarterback would you take if your team had the ball at their own 20 and was down by 5 points with 1:30 left in the game?  I would take Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisburger.