UEFA Suspends Russia For EURO 2016
The Euro 2016 tournament has been marred by issues involving opposing fans throughout a number of cities in France. Both Russian and England fans have taken to hospitals with various injuries from violence in the streets of France before their team's matches...
Tour de France Fan Throws Urine on Biker
The Tour de France, and cycling in general, have lost a ton of credibility over the last decade or so with the high amount of doping scandals involving riders.  Now it seems like the fans of cycling are fed up.
How Far Is Too Far For College Basketball Fans?
It came out late Sunday night that Texas Tech fan Jeff Orr called Marcus Smart a, "piece of crap", which is what him set him off to go into the crowd and push Orr.
Part I: Armen on how far fans can go
So, is that the line that our society has drawn...
Jets / Patriots Fans Charged After Brawl
The video above has gone viral and is widely publicized at this point. But according to the New Jersey State Police Department, what we don't see is Kurt Pasche, the individual who punched the lady in this video, was punched and kicked before retaliating with the above punch...
Jets Fan Punches Woman [VIDEO]
After the Jets pulled off a 30-27 upset against the Patriots in Overtime, the video below shows a fight in the concourse that got out of hand. Watch as the gentleman in the Jets jersey punches a female in the face.
Camping Out For Picnic Tables At Travers Stakes
The Travers Stakes is what makes the Saratoga Race Course so special.  It's the one race everyone looks forward to each year.
In addition to the great horse racing, the Midsummer Derby is also known for something else - people camping out overnight to get a spot in the coveted Saratoga…
Can You Be A Fan Of Two Teams In The Same Market?
So I ran into a guy at the mall with a Yankee hat while wearing a Mets t-shirt.  I did a double-take and realized that's a very controversial subject.
So can you be a fan of two teams in the same market?
The Cities With The Most Passionate Fans
It has long been debated which city has the most passionate sports fans. Many cities love their respective teams, but what city has the craziest ones? The fans that are tailgating at 6AM and will sit through rain, snow, sleet, even record heat...

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