SEC Defensive POTY Says He Is Gay
In an interview with New York Times, SEC Defensive Player of the Year Michael Sam made his message very clear:
I’m Michael Sam. I’m a football player and I’m gay.
I came out to my team this last August. Coming out to them, they rallied around me...
Aaron Rodgers Outed as Gay?
After years of speculation, one source is claiming Green Bay Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers is gay and was recently outed by his ex-lover and roommate.
The gossip website Fame Driven reportedly received communication from a "spy" who claimed that Rodgers and his roommate, Kevin Lanf…
Gays In Professional Sports
Gays in professional sports is the pink elephant in the room.  No one wants to talk about it because it makes people uncomfortable.
Well, I'm going to talk about it now.