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Will Arizona Be Peyton’s Place?
The fans are anxious. And they are nervous. Some acting a little goofy. But all hoping. Moving back to NY from the dessert I have many many friends residing in Az and the anxiousness and anxiety hoping Peyton Manning will pick the Redbirds is interesting to note...
The Jets Crash And Burn
To think if Mark Sanchez hadn't gotten a case of the " No here you take it" the Jets were within a flucky and questionable missed 2 point conversion by the Texans of making the playoffs. Hey you can what if it to death but the bottom line is the Jets got what they deserved...
NY Jets End 2011 Season With Loss In Miami
Entering today's final game of the 2011 regular season, the Jets needed a win, along with losses by three other teams to reach the playoffs. Instead, they finished the season with three consecutive defeats (including a 19-17 loss to the Miami Dolphins today), a big step backward for a team that…
Dan Marino’s Shrinking Legacy
With Drew Brees breaking Dan Marino's long standing record for passing yardage in a single season, one thing has become painfully clear to me.  Dan Marino is quickly becoming an irrelevant member of football history.
Bah Humbug Don Shula!
Oh one of these days my hope that the 1972 Dolphins be knocked out of the record books will happen-just not this year
Yes I am an admitted Dolphin hater and have been since that cheater Don Shula  finked my Jets in 1982. I know he cheated and he knows he cheated not covering the field for a torr…
Buffalo Bills Can’t Snap Losing Streak
The Buffalo Bills collapse is complete.
Actually, the Bills had already been eliminated from the postseason heading into Sunday's game against Miami. The Dolphins earned their second win of the year over the Bills, 30-23, and in the process knocked Buffalo into last place in the AFC East...
Buffalo Bills Suffer Big Loss To Miami, 35-8
It wasn't that long ago that the Buffalo Bills were one of the surprise teams in the NFL.
In fact, it wasn't that long ago that one of the longest active playoff droughts looked like it would mercifully come to an end.
If you're a Bills fan, you thought it couldn't get any worse th…

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