NFL To Enforce Punishment For Fake Injuries
Right on the tail of the accusations that the New York Giants faked injuries on Monday night against the Rams, the NFL sent out a memo to all teams letting them know that there will be punishment if they find players faking injuries.
The NFL Lockout: I’m Confused
Yesterday, a judge essentially said there should be no NFL lockout – and told the players and owners to get back to work.  The NFL owners are now appealing it.
In the meantime, the owners are asking the judge to delay the lockout being lifted while they’re wa…
NFL Owners vs. NFL Players
I'm not going to get into all the NFL Collective Bargaining mumbo-jumbo here, other that to say that it would be a travesty if the 2011 NFL season was cancelled, or even shortened.
But when it comes to taking sides (Players vs. Owners), I'm going with the owners.