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Texas A&M Leaving Big 12 For SEC But Legal Action Threatened
The college athletic landscape could look drastically different in the next few years.
This morning, the Southeastern Conference presidents voted unanimously to accept Texas A&M as the league's 13th member.  However, the Aggies aren't quite a member of the SEC ju…
The NCAA Is About To Tread In Very Dangerous Water
This week, NCAA presidents are meeting in Indianapolis to discuss ways to improve college athletics.  They are talking about a proposal where they would soon allow individual conferences to decide for themselves whether they want to pay athletes more and award them longer scholarship terms.
If the ru…
Power Conferences vs Mid-Majors
Don't get me wrong, having VCU and Butler in the Final Four is a great story.  Everyone loves the underdog, right?
There are many college basketball fans asking, "How in the world did two mid-major teams get into the Final Four?"
My answer might surprise you.