NHL Rule Change Talks Should Stop
Why can't we just leave well enough alone, anymore?
The NHL GM meetings are under way, and already in discussion are numerous rule changes to the overtime and replay systems with the league, apparently, in favor of fewer shootouts and more replay - exactly what a league starving for attention ne…
The Rangers Lose Game 1 As The King Gets Crowned
Game 1 of the eastern conference match up between the Washington Capitals and the New York Rangers will not go down as 1 of the best moments of  Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvists career. The reigning Vezina champion as the leagues best goalie in 2012 let in as soft a goal as you could, was out of…
I Love The NFL’s New Replay Rule
When the NFL finally does end the lockout, there will be a new replay rule that will go into effect this season.
And quite frankly, I love the new rules!