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Some Stars In Sports Just Have It, And Others Don’t
LeBron James (now), Sidney Crosby, Albert Pujols (while with the Cardinals), baseball's Giants as a team, Derek Jeter through the years, Mariano Rivera, Eli Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Mark Messier, Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan, Henrik Lundqvist and plenty more.  You get the pictur…
Who’s The Best Team In Baseball [POLL]
April is over.  May is in.  The Red Sox had a heck of a month.  The Yankees went 16-10 to the surprise of some.  The Rangers and Tigers have proved already that they are most likely division winners.  The Braves' Upton brothers carried the load...
MLB Division Series Predictions – Bruce’s Thought Of The Day
I love this new baseball playoff format. It is interesting to me how so many are complaining about how baseball shouldn't have a one game wild card and asking why the team with the better record is on the road for the first two games.
First, the reason why the A's, Yankees, Reds, and Nationals are on…
Cardinals Score 12 in 7th Inning
The St. Louis Cardinals put together quite the bottom of the seventh inning in tonight’s game against the Chicago Cubs, scoring 12 runs in the frame.
Prior to the inning, the game was scoreless, and Cardinals had only mustered five hits against the Cubs pitching staff...
Thank You Johan! Bruce’s Thought Of The Day
I could end the post right here and I have said it all. However no chance would I leave it that simple.
As a lifetime Met fan watching a Met totally whitewash an opponent is nice. Real nice. To do it against a long time foe makes it that much sweeter...
5 runs Given Up-Pelfrey Feels Good-Bruce’s Thought Of The Day
For most pitchers, allowing 5 runs in 6 innings is no reason to brag. But Mike Pelfrey is not just most pitchers. He is the Mets #2 starter as of now. The Mets are in BIG TROUBLE.
The Big righthander- a bum, from my viewpoint- is feeling better about himself after get tattooed by the St...
Is Albert Pujols Greedy?
Sometimes I wonder what fans are thinking or if they are thinking before they speak. The latest to face fan backlash is the great Albert Pujols who may become sports 2nd biggest villian after signing a hefty deal with the Angels on Thursday.

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