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NFL Player Dies From Apparent Suicide
There is sad news coming out of Tampa, Florida, as Tennessee Titans wide receiver O.J. Murdock has died from an apparent suicide outside of the area high school he graduated from. Murdock was just 25 years old and trying to make a comeback from an Achilles injury that caused him to miss the entire 2…
On Peyton We Wait
3 teams. 3 cities. millions of fans. No not too much pressure Peyton. Take your time. Oh what am I saying he doesn't care and that's not a bad thing. As we head into a new week the Manning sweepstakes are down to the wire.
From all appearences it's down to Denver, Tennessee, and gettin…
Bounty-Gate Deepens – Bruce’s Thought Of The Day
Well seems Pittsburgh Steelers Defensive Back Ryan Clark is the only person besides myself to be saying this about bounty-gate 2012. Clark Took to Twitter to ask who is the rat. Quote from Clark " Whomever is snitching on the Saints D should be ashamed of themselves...
Buffalo Bills Drop Sixth Straight game
There isn't a better series of plays to sum up the Buffalo Bills season, so far, than what took place at Qualcomm Stadium, early in the second half, on Sunday.
The Bills caught a break, as Philip Rivers lost control of the ball and Bryan Scott recovered for a touchdown...
Kerry Collins Retires
Let's all hope and pray that this doesn't turn into another Brett Favre situation, but Kerry Collins has decided to change his mind. After telling the Tennessee Titans organization back in January that he was coming back for the 2011 season, Collins has decided to retire today.
Titans To Cut Ties With Young
The Titans released a statement on Wednesday in which owner, Bud Adams said that Young will not be on the roster next season.  The team will look to trade him during the off-season, but will release him if they are not able to find a trade.
While there is much debate regarding the NFL MVP right now (I would pick Vick over Brady - by the way), there seems to be little discussion about the NFL's L-V-P (Least Valuable Player).
So here is mine - drumroll please.