Spurs Make History
(AP) - Becky Hammon has been defying the odds her entire basketball life. Now, the ultimate underdog is preparing for her biggest challenge yet.
"I'm the person that always is kind of like left off the roster. I'm the one that's always kind of picked last,"H…
Column on WNBA Another Example Of Poor Sports Journalism
This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who follows these things. Shoddy journalism with a purpose also known as activist journalism. It happens a lot. Today, I am the target of such lame journalism.
Back 16 months ago I made a dumb joke about two WNBA teams, one that was only funny to a fourth g…
ESPN’S Coverage OF The NHL Is Pathetic!
The world wide leader? Hardly. Oh in terms of marketing itself perhaps but in reality-No thanks. Hey ESPN their is more to reporting the NHL playoffs then giving a score.
Now I know Hockey is 4th on the major sport pecking order, maybe 5th depending if you consider Auto Racing a sport, but serio…
Sheryl Swoopes Returns To WNBA
Sheryl Swoopes won an NCAA title, three gold medals, three MVP awards and four WNBA Championships.  Monday she announced that she will be returning to the league she left in 2008.