Caltech posted a win for the ages, their first in conference win ever, I hope the Alumni are proud.


Caltech won last night over division rival Occidental, to move their all time division record to 1-310. This first win was an emotional last second 46-45 win on 2 free throws from Ryan Elmquist. After which Occidental tossed up a last second desperation shot to no avail.

Man I wan to be on the Caltech campus this week; I bet I could see some hot nerd on nerd action. This team has never won division game ever, and when they did the stadium exploded like the Kingdome in Seattle.  Now the kids have some swagger in their step on their way to their NASA level math class.

Ill tell you this if haven’t won a division game my whole career, when I did win that game…….. I’m going to party like Charlie Sheen for a week baby.

Here is the video of the finale seconds of their epic win