God, I love watching these Jets crumble.

It’s not even that I hate the Jets. I don’t. I hate these Jets. These fools who got one sharp looking quarterback, a boisterous coach, a tiny hint of success, and thought they were the Toast of the Town. I don’t want to sound belittling, but it’s a simple case of “New Money” not knowing how to handle themselves. There’s a reason you don’t see us Giants fans crowning ourselves King with every Wild Card we clinch, or Championship Game we lose; quite frankly, it’s beneath us.

And now? After facing the slightest bit of adversity, suddenly the Jets players are all back-stabbing, crying, bird flipping babies. Their front office has fired an inept O-Coordinator, and hired a worse one. And the fans? The fans, who for 2 years couldn’t stop telling me how funny Rex Ryan was on Hard Knocks, where he narrowly dropped more F-bombs than guarantees, are shocked at the lack of discipline in the locker room. Those same obnoxious fans that were quick to anoint Mark Sanchez the “Best QB in New York,” between mouthfuls of Doritos, are now all jumping ship on the 25-year-old. Meanwhile, Eli and the Giants continue to handle their business, waiting until after they win to talk. That's Class.

In a way, and work with me here, Rex Ryan’s head coaching career reminds me of Whitney Cummings. A couple years back everyone thought Whitney Cummings was confident, funny, and ready for the big time. Then after two years of building a reputation, season one of Whitney hit the air, and completely sucked. Now it’s hard to find a person who’ll admit they ever thought she was legit. A stretch, you say? I think not. Rex Ryan is football’s Whitney Cummings; loud, disappointing and not likely to have his own program much longer. Really, the only difference is that Whitney's a babe.

So, Jets fans, here's some advice: shut up. Literally, just be quiet for a while. All this turmoil will blow over in time, and perhaps, with some savvy off season moves, you'll have a chance to contend next season. And, if you happen to have a bounce back year, please try and keep your cool, because honestly, the way you've been acting has been unattractive.