Some quick recommendations for the Albany Devils to find success in the Capital Region let me know if you agree.

First thing first the product on the ice isn’t up to par with the rest of league, which mirrors the NHL at this point as their parent club is in the cellar as well. This hasn’t always been the case, the Parent club would be in the hunt and Albany would be treated like a scrap heap. Last time the Devils were in town (as the River Rats before Carolina took over the club) the team was often neglected and given ECHL level talent.  The AHL is the second highest level of hockey in the country, but when it comes to Albany I’d bet that Nate Lehman and the Union Dutchmen could beat the Albany Devils on their home ice. Let’s face it people Albany loves a winner, book it done.

Promotions, they need to take in the fact that this area has been hit hard by the resent wave of economic decline. The 20 dollar tickets are fine, but have 2 one Tuesday, College night, Kids in Free day, Devils Jersey night (were a devils jersey get in for half off).  Hockey is a sport that appeals to young adults, the same young adults who need to save money or have fixed incomes. The Time Warner Cable Cup with the Adirondack Phantoms is one of the greatest ideas they have ever had locally. They need to thrive on that, and have more ideas like that built in locally. Those kinds off ideas would set the Devils apart from the rest of the League.

Play more teams, It seems like the Devils are always playing the same half of dozen teams.  The AHL has teams all over the country but it seems like Hersey, Norfolk, and Hartford are all we get to see. Get the teams from out west in the building to see all the NHL future stars. Get a better flavor of what AHL hockey is all about.

Local Talent, They need to sign some local legends like the Lashoff Brothers, to play in their own back yards. They would build a local excitement around the team and get people in the place to watch a local boy make good.  It would be good for the area and good for local businesses.

I’m an avid hockey fan and attend Devils, Union, RPI, and Phantoms games on a regular basis. The team can work with a few minor changes.

If you have anymore ideas email me