So I had a trip to the dentist office today and it reminded me of my visit to Tampa Bay's Tropicana Field.

This sounds crazy, I know, but hear me out.  When I was sitting in the chair waiting to get my cavity filled this morning, I looked around the room at all of the plain things and sterile stuff and thought back to my trip to "The Trop" back in 2002.

If you've ever seen a game in Tampa, you know what I mean.  Even watching a game on television doesn't accurately describe the boring, sterile and ominous atmosphere there.  The weird roof makes the lighting seem really bad and florescent - much like a dentist office.  Not only that, but everyone in the stands is waiting for something to the game to be over....before they can move on with the rest of their lives.  Much like I do when I'm sitting in that chair waiting for the dentist to use that horrific sounding drill - I just want it to be over soon!!

So the next time you're waiting for that dental check-up or a cavity to be filled - just think about baseball at Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay - it will help you pass the time!