Last night, my Orioles blew a 6-0 lead against the Red Sox - only to lose 8-7 on a walkoff double by Adrian Gonzalez. It was an empty feeling seeing Boston comeback and cut into the lead inning-by-inning.

I'm not kidding when I tell you that this experience made me sick to my stomach.

As a sports fan, watching your team lose a game after having a big lead is the worst feeling in sports.

Even when the Sox were coming back I still had hope my team would win. 

There’s nothing worse than being so emotionally invested in a big game only to have it end in disappointment.  The entire game, you’re thinking about the possibility of winning it, but it turns out your club comes up just short.

There’s no worse feeling in the world than knowing your team had a game won but tanked it in the end.

The next day, you’re playing out the game again in your mind saying “If we would have gotten a base hit in the 7th or if our point guard made that free throw, the other team couldn’t have made that 3 pointer to win or if we would have only gotten a first down on that play.”

When your club blows a huge lead, you begin to second guess yourself, the team, your life and your pre-game superstitions.

Losing a heart-breaker literally can wrench your insides, there's no way to feel any better about it, because you think your team could've pulled it out - they could've hung on.

I’m too manic when one of my teams plays.  I’m so into the game that I become too emotionally invested.  It’s such an emotional roller-coaster that I become a mess in the end.

I was depressed all last night and even coming to work was a chore.  Not a good day for yours truly.