A media member asks Tom Brady a question that we’ve all been thinking; when will Gisele Bündchen be on the open market?  Just kidding.  Why does he dress so weird?

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has rocked out questionable outfits from time to time.  This is exactly why CSN staff reporter Tom E Curran asked Brady what’s up with his questionable taste in fashion.  Hey, somebody had to ask, right?

I love Tom Brady’s reaction.  He laughs off the question and then says “thanks” to Curran for the question.  It wasn’t a thank you in a hey-great-question kind of way.  It was more of a I-can’t-curse-you-out-in-public-so-I’ll-just-pretend-that-I-like-you kind of way.  It was a good move by Brady.  Just laugh it off and keep on moving.

I could make a ridiculous segue comment and say that New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is big on fashion too, but that’s lame.  Look, we’ve got the Jets-Seahawks game this Sunday at 4:05pm on 104.5 The Team, ESPN Radio.  Pregame coverage begins at 3pm.  Check it out if you’re out and about and want to hear some NFL action.

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