Since 1961, the colors of the Travers winning owner have graced the waters of Saratoga's infield pond.  Today, for the first time, and in honor of the exhilarating dead heat between Golden Ticket and Alpha two canoes were launched.

In the wake of Saturday's dead heat finish to America's oldest stakes race, a swirl of questions loomed.  What happens to the trophy?  What happens to the blanket?  Did that really just happen? And, at some point after the dust had cleared, what would be done with the infield canoe?

Today, NYRA officially answered that question with the launching of two canoes, one carrying the colors of Godolphin Stable - the owners of favorite Alpha [right in above picture] - and the other boasting those of Magic City Thoroughbred Partners [left above] - the connections for long-shot Golden Ticket.

Tied together in a bit of well planned irony, from now until next year's Travers gives us - in all likelihood - a more conventional winner, these two canoes will adorn the Saratoga Race Course's infield pond.  NYRA Director of Communication Dan Silver spoke on the symbolism, saying "These two horses are inexplicably tied to the Travers and to Saratoga history for the rest of time, and so we think it's just fitting that these two canoes are tied together out there."