Usain Bolt didn't exactly make roadkill out of a flower girl who ran out in front of him following a race, but he definitely woke her up.

Sometimes, people just simply lack common sense.  Just after sprinter Usain Bolt won the 100-meter dash by running a 9.79 at the Bislett Games in Oslo, Norway on Thursday, he had to avoid absolutely clobbering a flower girl who was on the track.  Here are a couple of important words for the flower girl to keep in mind; sprinter, Usain Bolt, 9.79, 100-meter dash.

Usain Bolt can't exactly go from running a 9.79 to stopping on a dime.  Bolt did a good job of keeping the flower girl upright.  He also didn't go diva athlete about the whole situation (which he actually would have been able to justify if he chose to).  Bolt did a nice job of taking a no harm, no foul stance.

I didn't need as much time to throttle down after beating the Artist Formerly Known as Justin the Producer in the 40-Yard Rash of the Decathlon of Doom last year.  Neither one of us were flying at the speed of light or anything last April.  I wasn't trying to break the sound barrier though.  I was just trying to extend my lead in the overall contest.  We actually never finished the Decathlon of Doom due to my massive lead in the showdown.  It happens.

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