It's amazing to think that a year ago, no one wanted to wear a Michael Vick jersey - but now he could win the NFL MVP Award.

Not only that, but he's currently the leading vote-getter in the NFL Pro Bowl voting.  Yes, Vick is ahead of Brady and Peyton Manning - two of the NFL's poster boys.  So what makes Vick my MVP?  It's quite simple.  He just has "it."


His numbers this year are pretty astonishing.  He’s tied career highs with 20 passing touchdowns and eight rushing touchdowns.  He's had 11 starts this season and has a passer rating better than 90 in 10 of them.

Tom Brady might have better stats and more starts but I would argue that Vick has had a bigger impact on his team. The Eagles' have that swagger and attitude and that's a direct reflection of Vick. The players in the locker room think they can win every time they step on the field - because of #7.

Vick has become the most dynamic player in the NFL.  He’s become must-see TV.  I can’t take my eyes off of him when he’s in the game.  You never know what he’s going to do.  He’s as fast as any RB in the league and has a better arm than nearly every QB in the NFL.  He’s just as dangerous as a running as he is in passing.  How many times has Vick done something and you've thought to yourself, "How did he do that?"  I don't get those feelings while watching Brady.

Say what you want about Vick, the fact that this guy hit rock bottom and was in federal prison for 2 years makes this story even more unreal.  I never thought he’d come back and make this much of an impact.  I thought he was going to be a decent starting QB but this good? No way!!

He’s completely changed the way he’s played.  He makes good decisions and doesn’t just automatically run the ball when nothing’s there!!  I guess when you're in Federal prison where just taking a shower in peace becomes a difficult task, being chased around the field by Justin Tuck isn't such a big deal.  There has to be a human element in the voting. Football isn’t just about stats, but it’s about what he means to the team!