Not sure exactly what to believe but  according to a report on the severity of Knick Forward Amare Stoudemire's injury may be a whole lot worse then a  "cut". According to rthe report an eyewitness says blood was gushing and that "half his hand was hanging off"

"Half his hand was just  hanging off. It was really bad. Blood was just squirting out, thats why they had the paramedics come in because they thought he might have punctured an artery because of how much blood was pouring out".

A 2nd source on the story says " amid the chaotic scene in the locker room people could be heard calling for towels to tend to the injured Stoudemire who had already bled onto the floor".

Now not sure if these sources are accurate or over blowing the situation. As of now there is no press conference set up for Amare to meet the media although I am guessing that will change soon. Too many noses poking around for the Knicks to ignore although they do run the organization like the CIA. Just look at how infrequent GM Glen Grunwald address's the media on any issue and then only with the permission of ownership. Openess is not a Knick quality.

What does appear certain is this is much more then a "cut" or boo boo and that expecting Stoudemire to return anytime soon if the Knicks are able to extend the series might seem far fetched.