The New England Patriots were informed by head coach, Bill Belichick to not get into a war of words with the New York Jets.  The Patriots have complied with the wishes of their head coach, until yesterday, when wide receiver Wes Welker took to the podium to talk about Sunday’s game vs. Gang Green.

In a 9 minute span (edited down for the sake of the video) Welker managed to reference feet 10 times.  Whether or not this was an intentional jab at Rex Ryan and his foot fetish video is something that Welker would have to address himself, but if not, it’s one hell of a coincidence. 

This just shows you how the Patriots operate in general.  Even with their trash talking they are understated and unassuming.  I wonder if Wes will regret this slight jab at the Jets’ head coach if the Patriots end up tasting defeat. Get it? Defeat. Say it out loud.