No one ever accused Curt Schilling of being shy with his opinions or of being a hypocrite. The same guy who couldn't stop blabbing to Sports Illustrated about others steroid use then went turtle in front of Congress.

The same  Curt Schilling who bemoans government handouts yet took 200 million from the state of Rhode Island to relocate his now defunct Video game company.

Now top step Schilling as he was known in Arizona (if there was a camera with a red light on Schilling could be found on the top step of the dugout so the camera could and would spot him) is bemoaning the managing and style of Bobby Valentine, even claiming he would have taken a swing at Bobby V if what Valentine said about Will Middlebrooks had been said to him.

Hey Curt-YAWN. You are always yakking about what you would do, until it comes time for you to do, then you don't do. Schilling was featured in SI years ago talking about the plague of steroids in the game and claimed over 50% if not more were cheating ( I support Curt's strong feeling against roids) then when it came time to talk the talk Schilling claimed in front of Congress ( The same hearings when Raffy Palmeiro famously wagged his finger and Sammy Sosa claimed he didn't understand english) the same Schilling claimed he knew nothing, saw nothing, heard nothing.

Schilling has been an ardent supporter of Conservative  politics including fiscal restraint etc etc yet his palms were greased when he located his company to Rhode Island at the urging of Governor Lincoln Chafee and took the tax payer cash. His company went under not long ago, and he claimed his video game company was trying to create something world changing. Really Curt a " World Changing" video game. You took the handout. Again there is Curt Schilling in a sound bite and Curt Schilling in real life situations.

Now Schilling is harping on Valentine again. Curt has always disliked Bobby V. He told me so in a radio interview some time ago. Schilling is now yapping about fighting Valentine, or at least taking a swing at the manager. Sure Curt you would have punched your manager. Sure thing.

Schilling likes to be the center of attention. Unlike Charles Barkley though Schilling isn't funny. He loves mixing up the trouble and having people believe he is outspoken and controversial. I think he is. But funny when  push comes to shove, Schilling doesn't do either. He ducks and lies. To illustrate how much of a clown Schilling is his latest bluster came on the same day of his own Red Sox hall of fame induction.

Schilling started his agenda going after Valentine during spring training, claiming players were already sick of him and stirring the pot. He is now trying to grease Valentine's skids out of Boston, claiming the "relationship" won't end pretty.

It should be noted I agree with some of Schilling's takes but him claiming he would take a certain action then cowering makes me say he is a blow hard Hypocrite. Great pitcher-Yes. Great humanitarian-Yes. Great sound bite-Yes. But also a HYPOCRITE!.

If Schilling is rooting for Boston he sure has a funny was of showing it. I think he hates the 1st year Red Sox manager more then he loves the Sox. That is sad. I hope after Valentine leaves the Red Sox whenever that day comes he is teamed with Schilling in a TV studio again. The way Curt has been pounding the calories I am betting my cash on Bobby V.

Hey Top Step Schilling it is time to either cash a check your loud mouth writes or move to the back step. Your bluster and blabbering are wearing thin!