Hey Capital Region, I'm asking for your help here.

I'm trying to make July 4th plans but I don't know where I want to watch the fireworks this year.

There are a few factors to keep in mind:

  1. I have a 3-year old son.  So this means no wild and wacky bars, no strip clubs and I want to try and avoid large, large crowds.
  2. I'm also with my wife.  So again, no strip clubs. 
  3. We're also going to be with another couple and their daughter.  So for the last time, no strip clubs. 

I need a place where I can watch the fireworks with no extra hijinx.  Maybe you there's an area in Downtown Albany where I can park or you know of a secret spot. 

Please leave a suggestion below or email me at soundoff@1045theteam.