104.5 The Team, your home for New York Yankees baseball, is celebrating Derek Jeter's final season by allowing listeners to have an opportunity to see the Yanks this year in our Season of 2 and 20 Contest!

We are giving away a pair of Yankees tickets every Friday for 20 straight weeks so that you can go see No.2 before he retires. Introducing, the Season of 2 and 20!

Currently: Listen for the 'Season of 2 and 20 Word of the day' at 8:45 or 4:45, Monday through Friday. On Friday at 5:15, be the first caller with all five 'Word of the Days' and win a pair of tickets to see the Yankees!

Various ways to win all season:

WORD OF THE DAY: March 31 – April 25 (4 weeks) and July 26 – August 15 (three weeks).

FAVORITE DEREK JETER MOMENT: April 26 – May 30 (5 weeks).

REGISTER TO WIN: May 31 – June 27 (4 weeks).

DEREK JETER TRIVIA: June 28 – July 25 (4 weeks).

The Season of 2 and 20 Contest is brought to you by Anthony Accetta of First Investors.