The Yankees and the Orioles had their day/night doubleheader postponed on Saturday. Both teams are now set to play two on Sunday with game times of 1:35 and 7:35 PM.

What are the keys for the Yankees for these remaining games?

The Yankees have had some real up and down games over the past week. Having everything from grand slams to watching their starting pitchers crumble in the early innings. As is the key with all MLB teams, the Yankees need to get length from their starters. AJ Burnett only went 5 innings in his last start while Phil Hughes only managed to throw 2+ innings in his start. All of this takes a toll on the bullpen, which is one that doesn't contain a true long man and a couple of relievers that can take a couple innings at a time.

The Yankees are tough when their starters can go beyond 5 innings and allow their prime relievers to be able to pitch and carry their team. However, once the Yanks are behind early and have to go to their bullpen, it seems as if it's game over. The Yankees need to piece together their rotation to give themselves the best chance to win each game. Still no decision has been made regarding who will be moved out of the rotation from the 6 potential starters.

Yankees on Sunday afternoon will send to the mound Ivan Nova and their nightcap starter is to be determined.