This is no joke. if you have ever thought of owning a professional sports team but lack the 200 or more millions it takes have I found a deal for you.

Part owner Mike Polanski who owns a part of the indoor football league's  Cedar rapid Titans is putting his shares up for sale-On Craig List.

Polanski claims his regular business,he owns a restaurant, is not doing well and needs the money. He owns a 20% stake in the franchise and wants to unload it. His asking price and you can make your way over to Craig's list to verify is 80,000. that's right only 80k for 20% of the team. for 80k you could probably own like some toilet paper with the Yankees logo or maybe a goal net from an NHL team.

Not only is it mere nickles to buy in but right now you would be investing in good quality. the team is 3-0 so they are unbeaten. Look what Woody Johnson paid to own the NY Jets.

The Cedar Rapids Titans are a juggernaut waiting for some good ownership!