As we look forward to the promise of a New Year ahead, these are the headlines that would make 2022 the best year ever.

In your wildest dreams, what would be some of the best things that could possibly happen to us here in the Capital Region in the 12 months ahead? There is so much that we love (Like Live Country music!), and so much that we loathe (Like Taxes!), the possibilities are endless to the dream scenarios that would just make life in the Capital Region better or more interesting. So let's have a little fun, and explore ten of these dream scenarios in the form of out-of-this-world headlines we would love to see in 2022.

Full disclosure, the chances of most of these headlines actually becoming reality are zero percent. But there is some underlying truth to all of them being amazing for us if they actually happened! And if all the stars were to align, the slim possibility exists for at least some of these becoming true.

Regardless of those slim odds, let's start dreaming with these just for fun headlines.

10 Capital Region Dream Headlines We Would Love To See In 2022

As we look ahead to the promise of the New Year, here are 10 dream Capital Region news headlines we would love to see in 2022. Some are crazy, some could happen. Either way, they would be great to see!



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