Tonight marks the official start of 1045 The Team's fantasy football season as the annual draft commences. Last year Sales Manager Kevin Rich ran the table as the 6th seed (the lowest seed qualifying for the playoffs) and claimed the championship. Kevin defeated the host of 1045 The Team's Saturday morning Golf Show "The Upstate Golf Show", Kip Kirby. Last year Levack entered the playoffs as the 2nd overall seed, earned a first round bye but was eliminated in the semi-finals. I was able to qualify for the playoffs but lost in heartbreaking fashion by just two points in the opening round. This year 1045 The Team's producer Matt Woods joins the league as well.  Below are the list of this year's fantasy football team names in the league. I'm rooting for "Dez Nuts" to win the title!

Area Man

Stafford Infection

Mack Daddy

Harambe's Heroes

Dez Nuts

Show me Your TDs

Seau's Squad

Elizabeth's Team

Matty's Team

Justin's Team

The McMasterbetters