I know what you’re thinking; is the Adam’s apple of this 13-year old girl larger than Mr. T’s?  Nope.  This young girl is strong and should grow up to be very cute.

Say hello to 13-year old Mariana Naumova.  The Russian bench pressed 198 pounds recently at the WPC Worlds.  Benching 198 pounds as a 13-year old female while not looking like a Martian or totally manly is very impressive.  Mariana is a cute girl who should grow up to look like anything but a Martian or totally manly.

Isn’t Mariana’s form straight out of “The Exorcist” though?  Holy cow, her form is completely disturbing.  I’ve actually got a doctor’s appointment on Monday because I popped seven discs in my back just watching her.  Not really, but seriously, the way she arches her back is seriously unhealthy.

How about the weird routine she has with her spotter too?  There is something that is very creepy to me about the way he pulls her hair to the side and sets her back and shoulders just before she starts to bench press.  Is it just me or do you feel the same way too?  Outside of this creepy routine and Mariana’s disturbing form, this is one heck of an accomplishment though.  Good job, Mariana.  Look me up on Facebook in eight years.

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