Well it finally happened. After being humiliated time and time again by the steroid cheating Alex Rodriguez, from roiding to flirting with 2 woman while his team was playing a playoff game, Rodriguez finally got the ire of the Yankee GM, who up till now has protected the sleazy 3rd baseman, and all it took was a seemingly innocent tweet.

Cashman was quoted as saying to "Arod" that he should shut the F*** up.

Rodriguez tweeted out that he has finally been cleared to start playing some game since his rehab from hip surgery. That tweet set Cashman off and he fired back. Hard. With anger.

Rodriguez exact tweet was this: "Visit from doctor Bryan Kelly over the weekend. He gave me the best news-the green light to play games again."   That tweet made Cashman go berserk.

Cashman, when asked by reporters about the tweet said " You know what, when the Yankees want to announce something, we will. Alex should just shut the F*** up. That's it. I am going to call Alex now."

The comments from Cashman are splashed all over the New York newspapers today.  Cashman claims that the team has not cleared Rodriguez to begin playing games, saying " He has not been cleared to start playing games by our doctors yet. He is getting closer. No doubt about that, but we don't have a date for him to begin playing games yet."

Dr. Kelly is the doctor that performed the surgery on the steroid cheating Rodriguez, who while rehabbing his hip is alos being investigated by major league baseball, again, this time surrounding the steroid providing biogenesis clinic in Florida that baseball is investigating.

It was also revealed last week that Rodriguez summoned the owner/operator of that clinic, Anthony Bosch, to Detroit to inject him with steroids to help him break out of a 1 for 9 slump in the AL Championship series last year. Rumors continue to persist that Baseball wants to suspend Rodriguez for 100 games.

My last thought on the continued distraction that is Rodriguez is this- I feel bad for the players and Yankee manager Joe Girardi, who continually are bombarded with questions by the press concerning the cheating Arod. He continues to be a distraction even when not around the ballclub!