With the winter season now officially behind us, it's time to hand out some hardware!

As noted in a story from Syracuse.com, cities from around the United States compete each winter for The Golden Snow Globe, an award named tongue-in-cheek after the trophy handed out each year at The Golden Globe Awards. The Golden Snow Globe is given to the city that saw the highest snowfall accumulation total in the country each winter.

It should come as a surprise to no one that five prominent Upstate New York cities were included in the Top 25 snowiest in the country for the winter season in 2022-23.

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These cities saw somewhere between 49.4 inches (the 25th-largest total on the list) and 133.6 inches (the largest) of snow in-total during the winter months this year.

A few other states had multiple cities represented within the Top 25. Michigan had three cities make the list (Grand Rapids, Lansing, Ann Arbor), while Wisconsin had three as well (Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee).

No state, however, dominated the 2022-23 Golden Snow Globe leaderboard more than the Empire State. Check out the five states that made the list of the Top 25 snowiest this winter, and where they ranked among their snow-covered peers.

No. 1: Buffalo, NY

  • Average area snowfall (in inches): 95.0
  • Snowfall total this season (in inches): 133.6
  • Deviation above or below average (in inches): 38.6

No. 11: Syracuse, NY

  • Average area snowfall (in inches): 127.3
  • Snowfall total this season (in inches): 65.6
  • Deviation above or below average (in inches): -61.7

No. 15: Binghamton, NY

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  • Average area snowfall (in inches): 85.6
  • Snowfall total this season (in inches): 61.5
  • Deviation above or below average (in inches): -24.1

No. 19: Albany, NY

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  • Average area snowfall (in inches): 58.9
  • Snowfall total this season (in inches): 55.0
  • Deviation above or below average (in inches): -3.9

No. 24: Rochester, NY

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  • Average area snowfall (in inches): 101.5
  • Snowfall total this season (in inches): 50.4
  • Deviation above or below average (in inches): -51.1

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