I have absolutely no idea why but I love "pocket watching" sports franchises. For some reason, it's become another way to keep score on who's winning at the game of life. The fact that a team as bad as the New York Knicks is on the court can year after year have one of the highest values in all of sports is fascinating to me. So here's "Forbes' World's Most Valuable Sports Teams For 2020."

Teams like the Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees have become brands that even transcend their sports so it's little surprise that they top this list but the Knicks and the Giants haven't been contenders in what feels like forever and they still make the top 10 list.

Here's the Top 10.

  1. Dallas Cowboys, $5.5 billion, NFL

2. New York Yankees, $5 billion, MLB

  1. New York Knicks, $4.6 billion, NBA
  1. L.A. Lakers, $4.4 billion, NBA
  1. Golden State Warriors, $4.3 billion, NBA
  1. Real Madrid, $4.24 billion, Soccer
  1. New England Patriots, $4.1 billion, NFL
  1. Barcelona, $4.02 billion, Soccer
  1. New York Giants, $3.9 billion, NFL
  1. Manchester United, $3.81 billion, Soccer

 Other notable teams are "The team with no name" Washington's Football Team at 14 worth $3.4 Billion, the Boston Red Sox coming in at 16 worth $3.3 Billion, and the New York Jets at 17 worth $3.2 Billion. The Mets are currently valued at $2.4 Billion sitting at 41 and the Buffalo Bills didn't even make the top 50.

Imagine how much more the Knicks, Jets, and Giants could be worth if they won!

You can check out the full list HERE on Forbes.com.

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