Tonight, ESPN’s newest 30 for 30 film The Two Bills premiered on television and the ESPN app. The film follows the relationship between Hall of Fame New York Giant head coach Bill Parcells and current New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. Director Ken Rodgers shared some of his favorite scenes that did not make the film.

: What's the one thing you left on the cutting room floor that you wish-- if there was another 2,3,5 minutes-- to add to the whole film?
Rogers: There was a cool section about their competitiveness where they used to play racquetball together. They used to play racquetball against each other. I certainly, certainly would've used that if I had any footage of it, but we just couldn't find any footage. They both told stories about how they would play racquetball against each other to stay in shape. And you can imagine where there's short shorts around circa '84-'85 what that would've looked like, them playing racquetball in the Giants racquetball court against each other. Parcells probably wearing that tight plastic sweatsuit and it was probably really great footage, (it's) just we couldn't find any footage. The best part is that Belichick would say they'd get done playing, they'd all be sweaty, they got their exercise in, they'd walk out, and Parcells would light up a cigarette and go back to work. It's like, "oh the eighties!"


What did you enjoy most about tonight's 30 for 30 film? Let us know below.

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