Recently I was having dinner in a restaurant that I had not visited before. Even though this particular eating establishment was fairly new something about the place seemed so familiar. It wasn't the food, it was the building that was so reminiscent. What was it?

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As I looked around the room it hit me! This used to be Ponderosa Steakhouse! That was such a flashback that I wondered what happened to those legendary buffets. Today you'd have to travel to Pittsburgh to find the closest location. Which other restaurants once thrived in the Capital Region? Let's take a look.

Here are some other restaurants and even some retail stores that used to be open for business in the Capital Region but are gone. Some of these chains are still open in other parts of the country while some are completely out of business. Do you remember these?

BEEFSTEAK CHARLIE'S - This restaurant chain spread across the country from 1976-2003. Remember the location on Wolf Road in Albany?

LUMS - Another Wolf Road restaurant. This one has been gone since 1982. Remember the commercials they did with Milton Berle?

THE GROUND ROUND - Remember the basket of popcorn that would await you at the table? The Capital Region had several locations at one time. According to the Ground Round there is only New York location today.

HARDEE'S - According to Times Union, there was a Hardee's location on Central Ave in Colonie that burned down in 1988.

ARTHUR TREACHER'S - At one time there were nearly 1,000 locations. Today only 7 locations remain in business with 3 in New York State. Nothing left in the Capital Region but they used to be in Crossgates Mall.

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