Jack Eichel is coming back to Western New York. It will be the second time that Jack Eichel returns to Buffalo, New York at KeyBank Center since he was traded to Las Vegas...and we all know how that went.

It is going to be quite the game on Thursday. The Buffalo Sabres are better than last year. But, so is Jack Eichel. He has 14 points through 13 games and is +10. The Las Vegas Golden Knights are one of the best teams in the league right now with only 2 losses on the season so far.

EXTRA: Check out Jack Eichel's home that he sold to Buffalo Sabre Tage Thomson below! 

The last time that Jack Eichel was in Buffalo he was...uhh...flustered to say the least. He was not happy with Buffalo Sabres fans when they gave him a hard time during his first appearance back at KeyBank Center since being traded. They booed him, fans were shouting at him and after Eichel gave Buffalo a hard time about being traded, he did not appreciate the 'welcome back'.

There is still a few tickets left for the Sabers - Golden Knights game. You can sit in the 300s for about 50 bucks.

The Sabres searched for a trade for Eichel and after getting many offers and looking at many options, the Golden Knights receive center Jack Eichel and a 2023 3rd-round pick. The Buffalo Sabres get forward Peyton Krebs, forward Alex Tuch, a 2022 1st-round pick and a 2023 3rd-round pick.

Take a look at Jack Eichel's house that he sold to Buffalo Sabre and former teammate Tage Thompson. Thompson bought the townhome on the waterfront for $1.3 million earlier this year.

Buy Jack Eichel Buffalo Home For Sale

29 Ojibwa Cir, Buffalo, NY 14202

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