Every Region has its things.

  • Stewarts in Halfmoon credit: Marissa
    Stewarts in Halfmoon credit: Marissa

    Stewart's Is Your Go-to for Most Everything

    If you haven't discovered Stewarts' iced coffee yet, you haven't LIVED. Who knew this hidden gem would become a staple in our lives? Then there's the ice cream, snacks, and even toothpaste. What would we do without these trusty corner shops?

  • Credit: Google
    Credit: Google

    Out-of-Towners Mispronounce Your Town's Name

    If you live in the Capital Region, odds are you have to correct your friends and family on how to pronounce your town's name -- Coxsackie, Cohoes, Schodack, Voorheesville, the horror! Albany isn't even safe -- you're bound to get the dreaded "Alebany."

  • Ethan Miller/Getty Images
    Ethan Miller/Getty Images

    You Look Forward to Hearing Steve Caporizzo Say 'Thundastorm'

    This one can't just be us. Maybe we're biased because Cappy is 'GNA's beloved meteorologist, but even though he's delivering news of bad weather, we just love hearing him say it -- thundastorm!

  • Cate Gillon, Getty Images
    Cate Gillon, Getty Images

    A Wild Turkey Sighting in Colonie Is Inevitable

    Especially around the Pine Bush! If you take a drive down Kings Road or Curry Road, you're likely to come across a rafter of turkeys. (Did you know a group of turkeys was called a rafter? Neither did we!)

  • Credit: Google
    Credit: Google

    You Can't Get Too Attached to a New, Hip Restaurant

    Yikes... we've already seen plenty of Capital Region eateries close their doors in 2017 and it's only March! We're not trying to be pessimistic but... we miss Noodles & Co. :(

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