It's a problem that plagues all homeowners and renters: bathroom mold.

Mold can creep up in the corners of your shower or the edge of your sink quickly, even if you clean your bathroom regularly. There are a few things you can do, however, to prevent mold from growing in your bathroom before it even happens.

  • 1

    Ventilate, Ventilate, Ventilate

    This is probably the easiest way to help alleviate mold. If your bathroom is already equipped with a ventilation fan, make sure you flick it on before steaming up with a hot shower or bath. If you do not have a fan built in, you should look into having one installed in your bathroom.

    Cracking a window open can also help keep mold at bay, and it lets fresh air in, making your shower experience even better!

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    Let the Light Shine In

    Picture mold like a nocturnal animal. It hides in the light and comes out to play in the dark. Light is the No. 1 enemy of mold, so improving the lighting in your bathroom can help combat its growth.

    Bringing in more light to your bathroom does not have to mean adding more light fixtures, but it could be as simple as changing the glass on your bathroom window. Opaque film can be applied to your glass window in place of using shades to let more light in while protecting your privacy.

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    Keep Your Curtain Clean

    Your shower curtain is one of the more common places people typically see mold accumulate. Even the mold-resistant shower curtains have a tendency to build up mold after a while.

    By cleaning your shower curtain regularly and replacing it every month or so, you can minimize the amount of mold that accumulates on it.

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    Wash Towels & Bath Mats More Regularly

    One of the best kept secrets for mold hiding places is in the fibers of your towels and bath mats. After you step out on to the bath rug or wipe yourself dry with your towel, the fabric locks moisture in, leading to mold production.

    Hanging your towel to dry in another room will help reduce mold, but the best solution is to wash and dry your towel and bath mat regularly and limit the number of uses in between washes for both.

  • 5

    Mind Your Cleaner

    Cleaning your bathroom often is a given for keeping mold away. But you may not know that the cleaner you are using may also be contributing to the problem.

    Make sure the cleaner you use is designed to kill mold specifically. Vinegar, bleach and hydrogen peroxide are just a few cleaners that will do the trick. You can also make your own cleaner with baking soda. To get in those hard-to-reach places, try using a toothbrush or old rag and make sure you rinse with hot water after scrubbing.