Earlier today, the New York Knicks made the decision to not match the offer sheet from the Houston Rockets for point guard Jeremy Lin. That was just the tip of the iceberg on a busy day of NBA free agent movement, with a reemergence of the Dwightmare headlining the action.

Talks between the Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Lakers have resumed, with reports stating that the Lakers want Howard to verify that he would sign a contract extension before they pulled the trigger on any deal. With that said, those close to the negotiations still say that there is plenty of progress left to be made before a deal is reached.

It is a situation like this that makes me wish the NBA had the same rules as the NFL so that the Magic could cut Howard so the Nets could sign him and we would never have to hear about any of this again. I doubt that I’m the only one who feels that way.

Kris Humphries and the Brooklyn Nets have agreed to a two year, $24 million deal. Humphries has averaged a double-double in each of the last two seasons with the Nets and is a key piece for a team who’s best big man in Brook Lopez only averages 7.5 boards per game for his career and is a huge injury risk.

Grant Hill has agreed to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers in some way, but we are waiting to see how it will happen. The Clippers are trying to make a sign and trade deal happen with the Phoenix Suns but, if that doesn’t work out, they are reported to be prepared to sign him to a $1.9 million biannual exception.

Mike Miller has three years left on his contract with the Miami Heat, but back problems have made it a question as to whether or not he would go out on top after winning a title this year. We now know that he will use at least one of those three years, as he has said he plans to return for next season. Miller shot 7-8 from three point range in the Heat’s title clinching victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Finals.

In a sad story, the Washington Wizards have ended their marriage with Andray Blatche, using their one time amnesty clause on him to remove the remaining $23 million of his contract from their cap. The Wizards drafted him out of high school in 2005 and Blatche averaged 9.9 points and 5.4 rebounds per game in his career.