Talk about monumental moments and decisions that go under the radar. Baseball recently had 1 of those moments, but no doubt it is historic and great for those that love the game of baseball and respect it's record book.

Baseball union leader Michael Weiner announced that the union, perhaps the most powerful union in the country, at  the very least, was, has decided they will not defend blatant steroid cheats. At 1 time, under previous union boss Donald Fehr it seemed baseball would defend a murderer and a rapist.

Weiner told the NY Daily News that the MLBPA is " not interested" in protecting players for whom there is "overwhelming" evidence that a player used performance enhancing drugs. I am standing and applauding. Several people need props for getting to this point. More on that in a moment. Weiner said the union will attempt to help cut a deal for players who have an avalanche of evidence against them. Weiner, in poor health himself from brain cancer told the newspaper " I can tell you if we have a case  where there really is overwhelming evidence that a player committed a violation of the program, our fight is going to be that they make a deal. We are not interested in players with overwhelming evidence that they violated the drug program out there. Most of the players aren't interested in that. We's like to have a clean program."

A Seminal moment for the game and it's history and a warning shot for those who want to cheat their way to a quality performance.

Kudos goes to the current players mostly, who unlike the previous decade, seemed to not care if their fellow players were cheating. I am thinking current players, who do it right, don't want to be like the players of the 90's, who will always be under the cloud of suspicion because roids were rampant in the 90's and clean players didn't seem to care.

Kudos to media folks like myself, and others, that kept this issue in the forefront despite the tedious nature of beating it into the ground. I never let off the gas pedal when hammering the roid cheats, not only for the obvious of cheating and not being authentic. They, the cheaters I mean, were also liars, thieves, and miscreants.

Kudos to the fans as well, who like my stance didn't fall for any of the lies, mis-truths, excuses, and awful analogies to other drugs or situations.

Shame on those fans who tried to rationalize the use of PED's, who tried to make some lame analogy to cocaine or greenies, or whatever else their little minds could conjure up. Coke and greenies aren't performance enhancing, yet some fans tried to make an equivalence  of the substances.

Shame on the media, who despite over whelming evidence, tried to play the middle man or woman with specious claims of greatness or worthy of hall of fame status or accolades for bogus stats posted with the use of roid junk. Hearing 2 yahoo baseball "journalists" debate a players greatness, and not condemning the use of steroids in the debate was and is sickening to me. they aren't called PERFORMANCE ENHANCING  for no reason. A debate of a players place in history, despite that knowledge was and always will be repulsive to me.

Shame on baseball executives, who despite knowledge of the cheating, looked the other way.

Shame on the players who did the same, and union leadership that wasn't interested in a clean and believable game.

Shame on all those who allowed this pervasive cheating to continue and the union for backing them in this endeavor.

Baseball now seems to have turned the page, using their words. This nonsense of turning the other cheek has come to an end and for that all real baseball fans, and the game can be thankful.

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