From 1985 to 2003, Bruce Smith had opposing quarterbacks seeing ghosts. Now, he's honoring their memory in a hilarious way.

Originally from Norfolk, Virginia, Smith established himself as a legend in New York's vast football history. A first overall pick of the Buffalo Bills in 1985, Smith quickly became one of the fiercest defensive players in all of football, and finished his career with an even 200 sacks.

That number has still yet to be surpassed.

In his post-playing career, Smith lives a life away from football. He works as a large-scale hotel designer, and resides in Virginia Beach. He still, however, has the "killer" instinct that made him so successful in the NFL. As you'll see below, he created a memorial of sorts to remember the many, many quarterbacks that fell victim to his clutches during his NFL career.

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Here is Smith showing off his "graveyard" to to current Cleveland Browns linebacker, Myles Garrett.

Also, here's a story done on Smith and his memorial, courtesy of WAVY TV 10 in Virginia.

Here are some of the spookiest shots from the backyard graveyard.

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