The Mess Hall is reopening today, February 8th. It's being called a soft reopening because they are only offering take out orders for this first week, but will include curbside and delivery options soon.

The Mess Hall shut down their original location across from Averill Park High School back in the summer and thought they might reopen in their new location at 8905 NY-Hwy 66 in Poestenkill sometime in October. We've been missing grabbing one of their delicious take-out dinners since they closed.

The original location for the Mess Hall was really tiny. I don't think I ever actually ate in the dining room. The new location has a lot more room. So, I look forward to going when the dining room does open up.

EXCITING NEWS!!! More details to come...

Posted by Messhall on Monday, February 1, 2021

You might think with a name like The Mess Hall and its military theme that the food would be like eating MRE's or military slop that soldiers complain about in the movies. Nope, it's gourmet, eclectic food that owner Shawn Hardy picked up as his time as a Navy culinary specialist. You will find a few items that evoke memories for military veterans like S.O.S. or Sh!t on a Shingle as it's known in the military (Chipped Beef on White Toast) or even fried SPAM, Eggs and Cheese.

The Mess Hall dinners are nothing like what you'd get in basic training. Every night a different dinner is offered...and only that one dinner. Dinners like Meatloaf, Chicken Marsella or Meat and cheese lasagna.

According to the new Mess Hall website, they will be open 7 am to 7 pm.

Oh, and one more thing, they aren't open Saturday or Sunday.

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