Some of the New York Yankees road trips just got a lot shorter. The "Toronto" Blue Jays who have been playing their home games in its spring training ballpark in Dunedin, Florida will shuffle off to Buffalo. The Blue Jays have been able to play in Canada since the COVID-19 pandemic hit so now they return to their home from last season, Sahlen Field in beautiful downtown Buffalo New York starting June 1st.

The Yankees were not huge fans of playing in a minor league ballpark last year but I have to believe any travel time you can shave off and not going into any other country at the moment has to be a win. I'm actually hoping now that at least some fans will be allowed at Sahlen Field, Buffalo will get a chance to prove they deserve to host more games. Maybe even get a big league park and if there's ever and expansion Buffalo, New York could be considered.

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According to New York Upstate Blue Jays manager Charlie Montoyo said before a game in Oakland, California. “Buffalo’s been good to us. It’s been good to me. We had a good time there last year, we made it to the playoffs last year, we made it our home. It was pretty awesome the job the Blue Jays did to make that ballpark closer to a big league ballpark, they did an outstanding job and I heard this year’s even better. Our players have been there before so it’s going to be fun again. We’re going to make it into our home.”

The Buffalo Blue Jays first visiter wil be the Miami Marlins June 1st and 2nd. The first time they'll host their interstate rival Yankees is June 15th through 17th.

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