Aaron Hernandez has not come across as the brightest guy throughout this whole murder investigation. Between leaving shell casings in a car he rented, to blatantly destroying his own home security system, his alleged murder of Odin Lloyd isn't exactly material for a new episode of Forensic Files. Now, photographic evidence of Hernandez holding a gun on the night of the murder of Odin Lloyd have surfaced. Oh, boy.

aaron hernandez surveillance photo
Surveillance Footage

Now, murder is wrong in any circumstance. That's a given. But you would think that if you were going to do it that you were at least semi-capable of covering your tracks. Aaron Hernandez couldn't even destroy his security system to avoid being caught with a gun, right after his friend was killed with a gun. Gee, there's nothing suspicious about any of this, Aaron.

So, now we have a former NFL tight end on camera with a gun on the night of a murder, any reasonable doubt to bail him out dwindling, and the probable cause that he committed two other alleged murders becoming greater and greater with every development in this case.

To review, killing people just isn't a good idea. As this story develops, 1045theteam.com will continue to report the latest.

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