More details coming from the reported jail fight that Aaron Hernandez was involved in yesterday. Sources tell TMZ the victim was allegedly in handcuffs during the assault and beaten up pretty badly.

Hernandez, who is currently in the Bristol County Jail, was permitted to walk unrestrained in an isolated hallway where he encountered the victim. Reportedly, the victim of the assault had been talking smack to the former New England Patriot and Hernandez was said to be upset over this.

According Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, the fight lasted no longer than a minute. But it was enough time for Hernandez to inflict some punishing blows, reports say the victim was beaten up pretty badly.

A source who talked to TMZ said the victim had been handcuffed during incident and because of this, could barely defend himself.

No further comments from the jail or the Bristol County Sheriff's office have been made.

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