I know that ABC is currently airing a show about alien neighbors, and something called Suburgatory with one of the Law and Order guys, but this idea could be their worst yet. According to resurfacing rumors, ABC is currently looking into a sitcom that is based on the life of ESPN anchor Sage Steele.

I don’t have anything against Sage Steele, she’s well spoken and perfectly attractive, but what in the world would make ABC think they should create a show about her life? From what I can glean, there is absolutely nothing about Steele’s life that begs to be rehashed in 30 minute intervals. I mean, she worked her way to the big time in Indiana for heaven’s sake. Indiana is quite possibly the most boring state in the nation. Unless Sage doubles as a spunky High School kid with a killer voice and gay friends I think ABC is in a world of hurt with this one. If you’re going to make a sitcom about an ESPN personality, give me one that chronicles how Jay Crawford became such a world-class cheese ball.

On a semi-related note, Disney is in talks about a potential Boy Meets World spin-off that would revolve around Corey and Topanga’s kids. My only question is: why did this take so damn long? America’s been craving a MILF’d out Topanga for years now, and I applaud Disney for realizing that its time to give the people what they want.