Add "design a new football stadium" to the list of the many capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Football fans have been posting photos on social media recently featuring renderings of new stadiums for their favorite teams. These renderings were designed using artificial intelligence, or AI, and often contain stadium features that are not based in reality, with an example being a stadium with one million seats built in it.

With the knowledge that the Buffalo Bills have already broke ground for their new home stadium, Bills Mafia was very quick to react to a rendering of the future home when it was posted on Facebook.

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Bills' Fans React to Artificial Intelligence Rendering of Highmark Stadium

A nod to the folks over at WYRK for unearthing this incredible rendering of the new Highmark Stadium, done through artificial intelligence. Take a look at this photo, which was posted to a Bills' fan page on Facebook:

Obviously, Bills' fans understand that this is nowhere near what the new Highmark Stadium will actually look like. That being said, it's still pretty impressive to imagine.

Here were some of our favorite comments left in response to this post:

"They airlifting fans to the game." -Alexander Ricardo Franco-Estrada

"If this is what it takes to win a Super Bowl, let’s make it happen." -Wayne Johnson

"This may be a bit hazardous for the impaired tail gaters as the day wears on & beer (emoji) continues to go down." -El Urban

"First it will be fun just having a winning team ... after we can talk about a new [stadium]." -Jm St. Gelais

"Probably as possible logistically as a downtown stadium would have been lol." -Andrew Cottrell

For those that have not seen it before, the *actual* renderings of the new Highmark Stadium are just slightly different from what artificial intelligence has created. Take a look:

Buffalo's new home stadium is expected to open its doors for the 2026 NFL season. The Bills also signed a 30-year lease with the new stadium, with an opt-out clause built in after the first 15 years.

I'd assume that opt-out won't mean very much.

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