The Albany Athletics are heading back to the AABC World Series for the fifth time. Play starts Thursday as the A's will travel to Connecticut after winning the Albany Twilight League title.

Manager Joe Altieri joined us today on 'Big Board Sports' to talk about his team and how this year wasn't as easy as year's past. Furthermore, he elaborated on the success of his star players, including Chris Salamida, the Watervliet native who used to play for the ValleyCats.

We also had to sneak in a question about my producer, Brady Farkas, who plays in the Twilight League. How good is he? Are the A's lucky to have avoided him this season?

Altieri also spoke about his roster and how he's able to have success each year as players balance "real" lives and families with baseball.

LISTEN HERE to Joe Altieri on 'Big Board Sports.'