The early stages of the COVID-19 vaccine roll out have begun in Albany County with Nursing Home Residents beginning to receive the Pfizer vaccine. It's no secret that nursing home residents were some of the hardest-hit here in the state of New York. So it's nice to see the elderly in those same nursing homes get the protection they need to survive this second wave.

A story from News 10 ABC describes the scene as Albany County Executive Dan McCoy was on hand for the dispensing of the Vaccine at a local home:

A woman who lives at Shaker Place gave two thumbs up after getting her first dose. Walgreens delivered 320 doses there, but not all of the shots were given out. There are currently 172 resident at the nursing home, and 150 of them agreed to get the vaccine

“The other 22, either have not, or they have health care proxies,” McCoy said. “And we have to get a hold of the people that can make that decision for them.”

Though not all residents decided to take the vaccine the fact that the option to do so is already happening is nothing short of a medical miracle. At this pace, the general public will have the option to take the vaccine as soon as this summer. With the Moderna vaccine now approved there will be twice as many doses available. Being completely selfish if the majority of the population is able to and takes the vaccine between now and August the MLB and NFL's 2021 seasons would be able to go off pretty close to normal. I'm aware that there are far greater ramifications to the vaccine but I miss my sports!

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