Want to race a drone? This is a story from the Times Union about local drone racing. The really cool thing in the Goggles that feed back the video so you feel like your flying it. Too cool! Right now drones are very expensive but as more people get involved and prices come down I feel this will become a much bigger thing. I know i'm buying one ASAP and will video tape some flights.

From The Times Union..

Kevin Vecchione of Albany piloted his quadcopter, a four-propeller drone, through the large white goggles enveloping his eyes. The goggles fed him video from a camera on the quadcopter above. What the quadcopter saw, he saw. The grass and trees of the park below zoomed by in Vecchione's goggles, as if Vecchione himself were the one flying. Suddenly, the screen went all green. The camera showed a closeup of grass.

Video of drone over Albany..