When you think of the International Basketball Association, you don't exactly picture guys who can go out there and outscore LeBron James and Kevin Durant. However, with a shorter shot clock and faster pace, players score at alarming rates. Albany Legends point guard Lloyd Johnson is a prime example, finishing ninth in the world in points per game in 2011-2012.

Johnson, the only Legend to cross the 1,000 point threshold in team history, led the IBA with 34.4 points per game last season, leading the Legends to an appearance in the league's championship game. His point totals equal that of JR Smith during his stint in China during last year's NBA lockout.

Johnson has spent three seasons with the Legends, in addition to his time playing professionally in Lucera, Italy. I've seen him play weekly for the last two years during the Legends' campaigns and I can vouch for his unreal ability to get to the bucket, as well as his deadly pull up jumper.

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